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Baytril Injection Generic

Not for Human Use. For Animal treatment Only.

Enrofloxacin Injection 100mg/ml. Single Application.

This generic enrofloxacin is a unique single application formulation. It contains enrofloxacin which is a third generation fluoroquinolone offering a broad spectrum of bactericidal activity against gram ve and/or gram -ve bacteria and mycoplasma spp. Enrofloxacin acts by its specific interfering property of the DNA gyrase enzyme and thereby inhibits the metabolism of bacteria.

The single application formulation offers the following advantages:

Excellent bioavailability
Long acting efficacy
Rapid diffusion into all parts of the body
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Enrofloxacin Injection 100mg/ml - 15ml Vial

QuantityTypeOur PriceBuy
3Vials$20.99 USBuy Baytril Injection Generic
6Vials$60.99 USBuy Baytril Injection Generic


Enrofloxacin Injection - 100mg/ml - 30ml Vial

QuantityTypeOur PriceBuy
1Vial$17.99 USBuy Baytril Injection Generic
3Vials$42.99 USBuy Baytril Injection Generic