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Darvocet Generic

Generic Darvocet is a pain medication used in treating certain types of pains, ranging from mild to moderate. It is a combination of Propoxyphene / Dextroproproxyphene HCL and Acetaminophen. Propoxyphene is a centrally acting opiate analgesic that stops sodium channels from transmitting pain signals to the brain cells, thus relieving pain in the patient in a similar manner as a local anesthetic. Similarly, Acetaminophen is a pain reliever analgesic and fever-lowering agent antipyretic that alters the bodys perception or understanding of pain and lowers body temperature. Users can buy Darvocet in a very convenient manner from Superdrugsaver right now. Users no longer need to worry about where to buy Darvocet from, as Superdrugsaver provides low-priced, high-quality Darvocet right to the patients door. In our pharmacy you purchase Darvocet Generic drugs and medicines proven. We offer both brand and generic drug at the lowest prices. Also in our Online Pharmacy discounts for regular customers. For buy Darvocet Generic just to select the ace dosage and click the buy drug button.

Darvocet (Dextroproproxyphene HCL (65 mg) + Acetaminophen ( 400 mg)

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30Caps$229.00 USBuy Darvocet Generic
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Uses of Darvocet Generic :

Darvocet is usually suggested in reducing moderate to mild pain.