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Kapikachhu Mens Health

Mucuna pruriens is an herbaceous twining climber with trifoliate leaves. The seeds are astringent and tonic they possess mild insecticidal activity. The leaves of the plant are applied to ulcers. The seeds contain the bioactive alkaloids mucunine mucunadine mucuadinine pruriendine and nicotine as well as �-sitosterol glutathione lecithin oils venolic and gallic acids. The seed with its coat showed the presence of a number of bioactive subtances including tryptamine alkylamines steroids flavonoids coumarins cardenolides etc.
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Kapikachhu tablets

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Uses of Kapikachhu Mens Health :

  • Kapikachhu can improve libido

  • Can help the nervous system reach optimum performance

  • It is sometimes used for increasing sperm count and ovulation in women

  • Helps increase muscle mass and strength

  • Enhances mental functioning